Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School Shootings

Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School Shootings

Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School Shootings

Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School Shootings Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School ShootingsMeditation has been responsible for helping people to live enjoyable lives for a very long time.

People increasingly lead stressful lives.

Things like the recent school shooting at Taft Union High School in California are a sad illustration of that stress.

When people take on to much stress they do break, it’s a sad fact.

Like a glass shattering when dropped, everyone breaks in a different way.

Pinning down how a person is going to behave after they hit breaking point is almost impossible. Which means potentially catering to a vast number of potential outcomes if you want an environment to stay safe.

So keeping people back from that point has to be a good thing, making it easy to be stress free and feeling calm thus has to be a good thing too.

Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School Shootings

When you practice meditation on a regular basis that is what happens. You are able to release stress easily, you release stress every time you meditate. Hence part of the reason successful people meditate daily, to stay stress free and in best shape mentally and emotionally.

Much the same is true for mindfulness, especially mindful behaviour when you work with it. Mindfulness meditation again massively helps.

These kinds of activities also build up a great understanding of yourself and how you function. You become increasingly aware of what is going on at deeper levels than previously. You can feel shifts occurring in your psyche as they begin. Something which gives you the ability to take early action and get yourself into a stronger position. On where you feel good and calm.

Already some schools and institutions have been pioneering with meditation classes and activities as a part of their daily schedule. Notably within the U.S. and New Zealand. The results have been good on multiple levels.

The tendency has been for students to feel calmer and at ease. Something which has resulted in less confrontational incidents within the schools, basically this means improved classroom behaviour with more attentive students. It also results in a massive reduction in bullying, one of the quoted causes of the Taft Union High School shooting. When students, and people in general, feel at ease and happy they rarely lash out against others.

“A 16-year-old student who blasted a California high school classroom with a shotgun Thursday was targeting two classmates because he felt he’d been bullied, the local sheriff said Thursday night.
One student was hit and was in critical but stable condition Thursday night, and the shooter was in custody after a teacher and the school’s campus supervisor talked him into putting his shotgun down.
Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said he did not know whether bullying had actually occurred between the Taft Union High School students.
“But certainly he (the shooter) believed that the two people he had targeted had bullied him,” Youngblood said at an evening news conference in Taft, about 30 miles from Bakersfield.”

By Michael Martinez CNN

Read the full story at:

Another massive benefit is that the students also achieve more. When practising introspection you actually strengthen your brain. It has been proven in a study done by Harvard Medical School, which can be found here. Brain matter increases in density, cognitive function improves, as does memory retention and recall. Effectively meaning that the practitioner becomes smarter and more intelligent.

All this from a very simple and easy to practice activity.

So why are so few schools doing this? For a multitude of what many of them consider to be good reasons. Usually they revolve around budgets and time. Partly also due to it being considered as a new idea and thus little basis for doing it.

Yet with a growing mass of evidence as to the positive effects it would seem highly appropriate to incorporate it as part of the daily curriculum in all schools.

With medical institutions including NCCAM, NIH and the NHS already recommending it as a means of treatment for stress, depression and other conditions it would seem ever more appropriate.

Medicare is even offering meditation as a part of their cover in numerous places.

All of which comes on the ever increasing mountain of evidence as to how greatly the practice benefits those doing it. So surely it is time to create policies that bring it into daily practice within schools.

By having calmer, stress free students schools will improve in so many ways. They will become happier places for students to be. They will be more fun. The absence of things like bad behaviour and bullying will make life easier for everyone. The increases in cognitive function will enable improvements to be made in academic results. Something which knocks on to providing a better qualified more intelligent workforce, a benefit to the entire country.

So what can you do about this? How can you help to prevent school shootings like the one at Tuft Union High School amongst others happening again? Simple really by working to get meditation and mindfulness into the school system and curriculum. Easy really. If enough people want it and take action it will happen.

Participate in parent teacher groups. Contact your local and national politicians. Basically get the message out to anyone in a position of authority and get a weight of pressure behind it. Then it will happen.

Meditation How It Can Help Prevent School Shootings

So what is the top tip here from MeditationHowTo.Net: If it is not a part of your school already campaign to make it part of school activity. Whilst doing so get into practising introspection yourself. You may as well begin receiving the positive benefits of it now rather than later right!

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